IS There Anybody Out There ?

Ryan receives an unexpected response when he fires up his grandfather's old ham radio set.  The surprises continue to build as Ryan struggles to make sense of the voice at the other end.

Mackenzie Bryant



Mackenzie Bryant has appeared in many independent productions. She most recently appeared in the audio drama series Scotch in which she received a AudioVerse Award nomination for best actress.  Zoey is her second starring role. Learn more about Mackenzie at


Mark Coutu


Mild mannered scientist by day, gamer by night, Mark has just recently attempted to break into the voice over industry. He has always had a great passion for theater and singing, and its something he is hoping be able to follow his true passion in. A talent for acting given to him by his late father, he always dedicates everything he does to him. "It's all for you Dad."

Written, Directed & Produced

Rick Coste



Anna Khlystova 


Intro Music

Rick Coste 


Outro Music

Rick Coste

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